• Web Responsive SafeBSC
  • Support Metamask PC, Mobile
  • Objective to list most Farm on BSC
  • Create SafeBSC price logic. List real defi's price on dashboard
  • Open Support channels (Twitter,facebook,line openchat,Telegram)
  • Open Document channels (Gitbook, Medium)
  • List project on (,,,
  • Create SafeBSC superfast defi's price graph
  • Open Pro function separate from free user.
  • List Feature Smart Contract (Claim,Withdraw,SOS)
  • List Wallet Feature (add token to metamask, add token to wallet, remove token from wallet)
  • Open feature Safelink to protect phishing URL for user.
  • Open feature allowance that different from market.
  • Open feature access farm from dashboard
  • Open feature Config protocols for Pro user
  • Create Mascot to present the project
  • Partner with (Dopple,Jfin,DC One capital,Killswitch,Ploutoz and more..)


  • Farm with partner (Scz/partner,Scz/busd,Scz)
  • Menu twindex sheet (check different twindex stock price, Real stock market price)
  • Investment Portal for DC one customer
  • MarketPlace for real farmer
  • Open feature save 3 address for Pro user
  • Open feature investment history data for pro user
  • Open feature track impermanant loss


  • AutoCompound
  • Subscription Model
  • Investment Portal Model
  • Liquidate Function
  • Lending platform
  • Hidden Project
  • Hidden Project
  • Hidden Project